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Create world-class courses

Offer your students next-gen learning experiences in our all-in-one LMS designed to help you teach, manage and boost their outcomes through cohort-based learning communities.

  • Advanced Learning Analytics
  • Learner Management Dashboard
  • Social Learning Environment
  • Customizable Learning Paths
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Integrations
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Gain a 360 view of your courses in a few clicks

Understand your learners progress, personalize their learning path, and onboard feedback to improve retention, and course completions. All while driving collaboration through a better way to learn altogether (no pun intended).  

Focus on what matters

Streamline your course operations, and learner management by reducing friction. Say goodbye to countless loggins, apps and external links. With our platform, all your learning, teaching and admin tools co-exist in our all-in-one platform. 

Embrace learning in the new millennium

Forget traditional learning methods and take your courses to the next level. Offer your students the environment, tools and materials that will transform their learning experience from passive to active with the power of learning communities.

Engage your learning communities with our powerful tech

Discover the features that will help you teach, manage and drive retention through our collaborative learning platform.

Help learners learn better together

  • Host open lessons and get users to contribute by uploading their own materials

  • Encourage users to share reflections and insights across all touch points

  • Create a collaborative learning environment by encouraging teamwork

Leverage real-time user data

  • Measure and analyze engagement rates to drive learner retention

  • Monitor registration and completion rates

  • Download online reports to track key learning milestones with a single click

Where collaborative learning starts

  • Share course updates to keep participants involved

  • Start group discussions with broadcast style posts

  • Encourage peers to collaborate and learn from each other

Built for Cohort Learning

  • Plan live sessions directly within the Calendar and host them on your favorite video conferencing tool without leaving the platform

  • Set community wide or individual learner milestones and deadlines

  • Schedule 1-to-1 catch ups and community sized meetings

Empower trainers and learners with open communication

  • Encourage online discussions with emojis, images and videos

  • Enable quick peer to peer communication for improved teamwork effort

  • Share 1-to-1 feedback with learners for a personal touch

Flexible and accessible course content for seamless navigation

  • Link URLs directly into your course contents with a drag and drop solution

  • Upload and share materials in up to 15 formats

  • Add videos, images or files, among many others, in less than three clicks


Is collaborative learning effective in online environments?

Collaborative group interactions facilitate active learning, shared knowledge, and promote social interaction and a supportive eLearning community. It’s also how we work and learn in real-life situations. Our collaborative learning led educational projects delivered on our learning platform have resulted in up to 81% in completion rates, which is well above the 12% average most online courses manage to deliver.

What pricing plan is right for my courses?

You can select between our Lite, Pro and Enterprise plan. If you need a customized platform with multiple permission levels, you’ll need the PRO or Enterprise plan if you have more than 1000 learners. However, we are  more than happy to discuss your needs on a 15 minute call. Get in touch and we’ll get back to you shortly.

What is WeSchool LMS for Education Businesses?

WeSchool is more than an LMS. It’s an end-to-end learning platform that enables the creation and management of scalable learning communities in hybrid and cohort-based environments. Its ease of use, flexibility and features make learning in a digital environment more engaging and effective.

What integrations can you implement with WeSchool LMS?

We offer 350+ integrations to enable your video-conferencing, marketing, sales, e-commerce, billing, accounting, operations and data management needs. 

How do I get started?

You can get started right away, your way! We recommend requesting a demo (typically lasts between 15-45 minutes) with our team by filling in the form in our Get Started page. If you’d rather explore the platform on your own, register for free and make the most of your learning for 15 days with our free trial.

Over +350 integrations
Your content is your greatest asset. Capture attention, increase engagement, improve learning efficiency, guarantee satisfaction.
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Why leading businesses choose to teach on WeSchool

"Much more than just another LMS".

An alternative to the boring e-learning-based courses my company used to deliver. Now, I create more engaging learning paths for all my company teams.
Alberto G., Instructional Designer

“Interactive and flexible”

WeSchool's LMS portal's many features have enabled us to build interactive and flexible pathways, monitor learner participation and the ability to organize content in a schematic way.
Marina. F, Business owner

"A Dynamic platform"

One easily manageable environment. I can interact with trainees, create lessons, chat with learners and easily search for anything that I need.
Luca B., Professor

"Excellent platform"

Very good platform. I love that I am able to share materials and insert embedded youtube links without leaving the platform.
Mara L., Professor

Great for teamwork and integration

I used the socialization activity. I had a student who did not want to work in a group. After this activity, he decided to make a video with three other companions splitting up the various roles!
Manuela C., Teacher

Proactive dialogue!

I am amazed at the high scores of my participants. But the interesting thing is that after each viewing of the videos, a discussion was triggered!
Elena S., Instructor

Start creating better courses in a social environment today.