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Transform the way your employees learn

Onboard, train and upskill talent with a flexible cloud-based LMS designed for collaborative learning.

  • Advanced Learning Analytics
  • Cohort & Self-Paced
  • SCORM-compliant
  • Management Dashboard
  • Scalable & GDPR compliant
  • Customizable
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The one-stop shop for all your business learning and training needs

Leverage WeSchool’s universal tools to build a sense of community and learning autonomy across teams. With its simple UX and integrations, flexible course authoring features and embedded communication touch points, no training needs will go unnoticed.

Build a smarter business with smarter training

Create engaging training experiences with features proven to increase retention rates by up to 80%. Whether you need to deliver personalized training or measure learning impact, our LMS is equipped to drive skill development through engagement.

Effortless employee management

Invite new members, drag and drop content, host live training sessions or track and analyze employee progress with a few clicks in a super-easy to use interface. All without opening a single extra tab.

Support your employees with collaborative learning

Explore the features that will help you onboard, manage, train and retain your exceptional talent in a community learning environment.

Make decisions based on real-time data

  • Track employee registration and completion rates across all departments

  • Measure and analyze engagement rates to improve training outcomes

  • Download and create reports with a single click

Empower your employees

  • Host open lessons and let users upload their own materials

  • Encourage employees to share opinions across all training touchpoints

  • Build a collaborative culture with a training process led by colleagues

As simple as drag and drop

  • Embed web based files by linking the URL directly into the course

  • Host your existing eLearning catalog with SCORM compliant content upload

  • Add videos, images or files, among many others, in less than three clicks

Build community driven teams

  • Broadcast training updates and key dates

  • Open groups discussions across departments

  • Encourage teams to collaborate and learn together

Deliver unique experiences no matter the scale

  • Mix asynchronous and live learning in a blended environment with video integrations and self-paced assignments

  • Integrate training with busy schedules by letting users choose between our desktop or mobile app

  • Create company wide or 1-to-1 assessments with 10 different question types


What is WeSchool LMS?

WeSchool is more than an LMS. It’s an end-to-end learning platform that enables the creation and management of scalable learning communities in hybrid and cohort-based environments. Its ease of use, flexibility and features make learning in a professional environment more engaging, effective and applicable to practical and holistic skill development.

What integrations can you implement with WeSchool LMS?

We offer 350+ integrations to enable your video-conferencing, marketing, sales, e-commerce, billing, accounting, operations and data management needs.

What pricing plan is right for my company?

You can select between our Lite, Pro and Enterprise plan. If you need a customized platform with multiple permission levels, you’ll need the PRO or Enterprise plan if you have more than 1000 learners. However, we are  more than happy to discuss your needs on a 15 minute call. Get in touch and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Can I get a demo?

Yes, we would love to show you our platform in action. Demos typically last between 15 and 45 minutes depending on your needs. Fill in the form on our Get Started page and our team will be in touch shortly. 

How do I get started?

You can get started right away, your way! We recommend requesting a demo with our team by filling in the form in our Get Started page. If you’d rather explore the platform on your own, register for free and make the most of your learning for 15 days. 

Over 350+ integrations
Integrate your learning tool with hundreds of apps for a seamless experience
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Why businesses love to learn together with WeSchool

“A turnkey yet flexible LMS solution”

WeSchool has allowed the program to make a global impact while delivering valuable data on learner experiences.
Michela C., Assistant Professor

"Much more than just another LMS"

An alternative to the boring e-learning-based courses my company used to deliver. Now, I create more engaging learning paths for all my company teams.
Alberto G., Instructional Designer

“Interactive and flexible”

WeSchool's LMS portal's many features have enabled us to build interactive and flexible pathways, monitor learner participation and the ability to organize content in a schematic way.
Marina. F, Business owner

“A better way to communicate”

This project has allowed us to find connections with the work industry that will help students when making choices about university.”
Gabriela B., Business owner

"Excellent platform"

Very good platform. I love that I am able to share materials and insert embedded youtube links without leaving the platform.
Mara L., Professor

“Fantastic platform”

Easy to use and has many features that allowed me to centralize work in one place.
Silvia R., Online instructor

"Proactive dialogue!"

I am amazed at the high scores of my participants. But the interesting thing is that after each viewing of the videos, a discussion was triggered!
Elena S., Instructor

Elevate your training with a community driven learning platform.