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Better teaching for better learning

Engage and support the next generation of learners across blended environments with a collaborative and easy-to-use platform.

  • Customizable Learning Paths
  • Interactive & Instant Tests
  • Synchronous & Asynchronous Learning
  • Learner Management Dashboard
  • Calendar & Activity planner
  • Integrations for class collaboration
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Your classroom, their community

Bring collaboration and discussions into your online and in-person teaching with interactive tools designed to increase student engagement. Jump on group or 1-to-1 calls and chats or open group discussion with public posts. 

Your students, their needs

Apply a learner centered approach and engaging teaching methodologies, like the flipped classroom, challenge-based learning, gamification or roleplays, and create effective learning experiences with up to 81% higher completion rates. 

Gain full control over your teaching

Discover the interactive tools that will help you plan and deliver better curriculums to boost your students’ learning outcomes.

Where class discussions happen

  • Broadcast important announcements and updates

  • Share content with students and to encourage discussions

  • Provide a safe and collaborative invite only space for learners

Open conversations for all

  • Give learners one-to-one feedback

  • Encourage authentic connections

  • Humanize online interactions with emojis, images and videos

Your lessons, your way

  • Build flexible tests and exercises with innovative teaching methodologies

  • Support creativity with open lessons and gamification

  • Create personalized class milestones and learning paths

Content for all, all in one place

  • Upload learning materials in up to 15 formats

  • Plan and deliver content in a single space

  • Import and export lesson plans securely

Get creative with your own whiteboard

  • Host live online lessons just like if you were in class

  • Make teaching interactive Make teaching interactive

  • Track learner attendance


How can I improve my teaching for better learning outcomes?

There’s plenty of ways you can start.  We have years of experience in increasing participation rates through effective teaching. You can enroll in our leading educational projects, all of which apply innovative teaching methods for better results, learn more about innovative teaching methodologies to increase engagement from our Methodologies Handbooks or to our platform to start teaching in a collaborative environment with ease. 

How do I get started?

You can sign up right away, your way! We recommend requesting a demo with our team by filling in the form in our Get Started page to make the most out of all our features. If you’d rather explore the platform on your own, register for free. You will have access to all features for 15 days. After the trial period is over, you will have to sign up to show you are eligible for a Free Plan or request a Pro Plan. 

Who is eligible for a free plan?

Public and private schools and universities. You may be eligible for a Free Plan if you are a K12 School or a University. In addition to the Core Features, K12 can benefit from our Management Dashboard. Still, if you aim to deliver even more student-tailored learning experiences, you can upgrade to a Pro Plan with our 20% Educational Discount. Drop us a line at [email protected] to know more. 

Over +350 integrations
Integrate your learning tool with hundreds of apps for a seamless experience.
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Learning is already a whole lot more fun for over 2m students

"Very intuitive use"

Fundamental for distance learning. Great platform for maintaining relationships with parents and making learning proposals to children.The winning feature is simplicity.
Francesco L., Teacher

"Positive all-around experience"

Exceptional for its ease of use, attractive graphics, and versatility to create different learning paths.
Chiara. G, Professor

"A Dynamic platform"

One easily manageable environment. I can interact with trainees, create lessons, chat with learners and easily search for anything that I need.
Luca B., Professor

"Excellent platform"

Very good platform. I love that I am able to share materials and insert embedded youtube links without leaving the platform.
Mara L., Professor


The most comfortable app I've ever used for distance learning. Super easy to register, send homework and chat with teachers!
Katrina K., Student

Great for teamwork and integration

I used the socialization activity. I had a student who did not want to work in a group. After this activity, he decided to make a video with three other companions splitting up the various roles!
Manuela C., Teacher

Proactive dialogue!

I am amazed at the high scores of my participants. But the interesting thing is that after each viewing of the videos, a discussion was triggered!
Elena S., Instructor

Elevate your teaching today.